Professional graphic design services in Helsinki

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In addition to high-quality printed products, we offer professional graphic design services. From our highly-skilled designers, you get a service that takes into account your individual needs and will fit a wide range of requirements. As part of the design work, we also produce and proofread textual content as needed. Our service is used by individuals, associations and companies. Copy-Set Oy is located in Helsinki, and provides services throughout Finland.

The visual power of communication and how to benefit from it

Visual appearance and visual messages are a key part of a company’s credibility. By investing in your corporate image, you give your customers a finished and well-groomed image. The visual look has a surprisingly powerful effect, so it’s worth using in advertising. The same means should also be used in other external representations of the company: the company's document templates, business cards, website and all other material should be produced carefully.

Our graphic designers also help non-corporate customers with everything related to the design of printed products: we design invitation cards, business cards and publications according to your individual needs.

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Illustrations according to your wishes

We browse millions of images from Adobe Stock as a service and find just the right fit for your requirements, saving you time and effort. We take care of ordering and accessing images, and as an Adobe partner, we also get competitive prices on your behalf. Our own artist also draws and paints unique illustrations on request, of course – not for the busy.

Copywriting and proofreading as part of design work

If necessary, our experienced editor will produce professional texts. Just a few bullet points or a phone conversation are enough, and the text is written: brochure text, web text, fairy tales, blog text, newsletter, article, poem, congratulatory text, invitation text, technical text, interview, or whatever you need. Professional proofreading completes readability and crystallises the experience in biographies, theses and all forms of print products. Correct grammar, a wide vocabulary and creative writing create an impression of quality and reliability.