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Copy-Set Oy from Helsinki manufactures a wide range of printed products according to customers' wishes. With our solid experience, we have kept the prices of all our printed products as low as possible. Our high-quality and competitively priced services are used by individual customers, associations and companies throughout Finland.

A comprehensive range of printed products – from design to implementation

We design and manufacture high-quality brochures, publications, invitation cards, business cards, roll-ups, booklets, product catalogues, flyers and large prints. You can order printing for pre-designed, printable works or use our graphic design services to implement the visual look of the product. Our graphic designers can turn your ideas into images and printable products!

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Examples of printed products


Roll-ups are an effective solution for movable visibility. When assembled they fit in a very small space and the prints can be changed quickly and cost-effectively,

for example, according to the season. Roll-ups are also easy to assemble and transport. 


Posters offer limitless possibilities and easy visibility anywhere, anytime and in any format. Available in any size.


Put up a sturdy A-stand where you want to grab attention and attract customers to your store. The ad content is easy to change, and the stand takes up little space

when folded. One or two gets you quite far!

Beach flags

A casual and new way to arouse passer-by's interest and create a beach-like atmosphere. Easy to move from one destination to another as needed. With the message you can surprise and delight – and increase sales.

Discount coupons

People love discount coupons. They can impress and delight. A coupon doesn't have to be boring! Get out there and spread the joy with coupons!

Speciality business cards

To make a lasting impression, choose a speciality business card. It uses extra-thick paper (500 to 1,000 g), glueing and laminating, patterning, foiling, logo printing – or a colour core. In a colour core card, the centre of the three sheets glued together is coloured, creating a 3D-impression. Imagine for yourself a vinyl-like black-and-gold business card! These really aren’t for everyone and our fingers are itching to get to design something unique with you! The speciality business card does not get thrown away.

Flyers and brochures

Familiar, always up-to-date printed products are certainly read. In the brochure, let people know who you are, what you do and why. A sweet collaboration of images and words comes together with skilful folding work and the choice of paper influences the appearance: relaxed, rough, sophisticated, luxurious – you name it! The format can be an accordion, a flysheet, a booklet, a paper plane or a bathtub – even the sky is not the limit. We also strive for sustainable development in print; the options are many.

Catalogues and annual reports

Why not create a printed annual report or a responsibility report enhanced with quality-inspiring features? Maybe including some embossing, gilding or

laminating to suit your brand? A traditional product catalogue has also been found to be surprisingly effective. It does not require an internet connection, for example, to view on a construction site, on a train or in a van. There is still a place for traditional printed products even in the age of broadband – or maybe that is why they can stand out!

Books and booklets

Have you completed your thesis, published a biography or compiled a family chronicle? Congratulations! Let’s figure out the most suitable printing method together: a

wire-bound hardcover or an adhesive-bound softcover?

Invitation cards

Invitations don't bump into our mailboxes very often these days, so by sending one you are guaranteed to be remembered. It is wonderful to brighten a wedding invitation with different layers of colour, special effects or metal foiling. A personalised  card can be a great memory of an amazing event.


When a safe distance is required in a queue, stickers are needed to indicate this, for example on the floor or at sales counters. Despite its security purpose, the sticker can be fun and insightful – come up with ideas! We cut the stickers into any shape. Take away is the word of the day – say it on the stickers too.

Interior decoration products

If your premises consist mostly of white walls, our team of interior designers will help you get started with decorating. Would you try interior paintings printed on canvas or illuminated aluminium plate images cut to shape? Just tapes and stickers alone are great, and even one effect board wall increases the comfort of a space a lot. In a pleasant, inspiring space, productivity increases. We can even give your break room a green wall with printing technology! Design your own wallpaper or ask us to do it – we guarantee your prints to be unique. We will also paste them in place.

Face masks

Safety first – and visibility at the same time. Let’s equip your company with high-quality face masks, either disposable or fabric, with your own logo or slogan. We can design the look of the mask from the beginning exactly the way you want it. A good-looking mask is also nice to wear and that’s in everyone’s interest.